walnut family

trees having usually edible nuts: butternuts; walnuts; hickories; pecans
Hypernyms: ↑dicot family, ↑magnoliopsid family
Member Holonyms: ↑Juglandales, ↑order Juglandales
Member Meronyms: ↑Juglans, ↑genus Juglans, ↑Carya, ↑genus Carya, ↑Pterocarya, ↑genus Pterocarya

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the plant family Juglandaceae, characterized by deciduous trees having alternate, pinnately compound leaves, male flowers in tassellike catkins and female flowers in clusters, and edible nuts enclosed in a thick-walled or leathery husk, and including the butternut, hickory, pecan, and walnut.

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walnut family,
a group of dicotyledonous, resinous trees and shrubs, found in north temperate regions. The family includes the walnut, hickory, and pecan.

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